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PB Studio Artigiano
Venice, Italy

We are a reality of recent birth even if we work for years in the field of interior decorations.
Our works are entirely handmade. We use materials of various kinds (stuccos, resins, polystyrene, wood, iron) and finishes mainly with leaf (gold, silver, copper) and other types of decorative products.
We work mainly on commission trying to meet the needs of the customer but possibly maintaining our stylistic orientation.
Each of our works is replicable but unique, even in the imperfection that becomes precious detail and a guarantee of exclusivity.

Paolo Bergantin

I grew up in a family of artisans. Since I was a child, drawing and manual work have been something natural for me.
After the artistic maturity I continued the family business in the decoration sector.
In recent years I have decided to resume techniques of the Italian decorative tradition applying them to furniture, objects and furnishing accessories, creating shapes and surfaces with a very personal character.
Through the use of materials that are also unusual and very different from each other, I tried to model works that had a material and precious aspect, starting from geometric elements and references to nature.
I have always believed in the work in a workmanlike manner that requires a constant dialogue between creativity, competence and tradition.
To create objects as original as possible, it is necessary to know the materials perfectly and to master the workings so that they can adapt to their creative needs, sometimes trying to change their perspective and not afraid to dare fear the mistake.
It is now necessary to know and use new technologies without losing contact with the material and continuing to respect its own history and roots. The “artisan workshop” is a microcosm in constant evolution and in constant formation, open to the world but with its feet well anchored to its territory.

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